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Christmas Crafts

Merry Marbled Baubles


DIY ornaments are the perfect way to make sure your tree is always one of a kind! These marble painted ornaments are super easy to make and provide the perfect christmas craft. Why not gift a bespoke bauble to your friends and family and share the joy. Have a merry marbling crafty chistmas!

The 4 easy Steps to elegant decorations

What you need:

- Paints (desired colors)

- Glitter (desired colors)

- Clear plastic ornaments

-  cups (for paint excess)


  1. Remove cap from ornament. Pour in small amount of White paint and a small amount of Gold or Silver.
  2. Slowly rotate ball to swirl paint colors around inside ornament.
  3. Set painted ornament upside down into cup so excess paint will drain into cup as it dries.
  4. Place cap back onto ornament once dry.


Live In colour!

Whatever your decoration colour scheme, this technique will create perfect ornments every time. You can use any colours you want. And why not try experiemting with glitter too!




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