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Mixed Media Seascapes


Basic Knowledge:


You will want to capture the 'Gesture' of the Seascape, to create the illusion of movement, do this by building up the structure in your image. You need to understand how creating light reflections will enhance the final look; in order to give your artwork a relaistic feel to it. 

Make Use of Colour by, creating harmony with common colours, match the sea to the sky for a fluid and natural effect. Use multiple tones, and vaired brush strokes to make soft and hard edges; this will give the image texture.



The 'Ingredients' for a Beautiful Seascape:

Water colours - Perfect for the wash and for creating a perfectly tranquil and blended scene.

Acrylic -  Thick, and rich in coulour these are ideal for sunsets or storms

Glue - Give your seascape a PVA glaze, all over or just on the ocean to create a watery effect.

Fine Glitter -  Glitter makes a perfect addition to the piece. White / Translucent for the white horses and ocean detail. Yellow/ Translucent for adding into the beach.

Sand -  Real sand collected from a local beach or purchased online will give your beach texture and add incredible detail. Sprinkle over your wet paint or use with glue to create your beach in full.

Shells - Adding in small shells, pebbles and sea glass will continue to build up your beach scene. Using natural objects will bring your work closer to the subject.

Cotton Wool - To create even more texture, use small torn up pieces of cotton wool for whispy clouds and detailed skylines.

Beachgrass - This is a great foreground extra, create depth instantly by adding small amounts of Beachgrass to the foreground of your painting.

Sensory Delights - And if all those simple but elegant additions don't complete it ... give your work a light spritz (once dry) with a 'beach scneted' air freshener!Yes I'm will create a blissful escape for your audience. (Be careful to use non-harmful brands and only use small amounts)



 Enjoy....And make sure you tag us so we can see your beautiful creations! @graffititag_crafts #graffititag !


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