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Pimp Your Pad!

Home Decor

Savvy, stylish and super simple! What isn't to love about DIY home decor; and with thousands of products readily available, there's nothing to stop you from getting stuck in.

The best thing about creating your own home accessories, is having the freedom to create exactly what you want! You don't have to be super arty or creative to pimp up your home, anyone can do it; once you've begun you'll be unstoppable, (with a bit of trial and error of course. )

With the winter melting away, we can't help but start to dream of brisk spring mornings followed by the warm summer nights...ah bliss. Why not get started on the Easter decorations, bed throws make an adorable addition too. Thought your BBQ's couldnt get any better?  Now imagine those garden chairs adorned with cushions, popping in colour, accompanied by your cute little plant pots, handmade of course by you! Okay inspired yet?.....



So lets talk products...

With so many options and possibilities, knowing where to start can be tough. Some of the best media to use as a beginner, I've found, are the following:

Tie-Dye - Perfect for creating bright and effortless duvet covers.

Soft Paints - Turn those boring old cushions into pieces of art.

3D Embellishments - For personalised and pretty 'add-ons' use 3D Paint




Feeling Confident?

Mastered these techniques already? Fancy giving something new a go? Well listen up, because I've got some ideas that will take your projects to the next level.

Mixing media is a wonderful way to create a textured and dynamic art piece. Simple touches such as adding glitter, can really make your work pop. Creating the illusion of light can be tricky, so finding the right product to give your artwork some shine is super important!

If you're working on large soft fabrics the best way to add a sheer all over sprakle is by using a fabric spray. You want to make sure you are using a pump action spray that gives a light spritz without conceling your existing designs. The best products to use are the Tulip Fabric sprays, (glitter) as theses bottles have pigmented glitter suspended in a transparent adhesive... Long story short all you will see is a glistening cover on your work



The skies the limit when it comes to your colour choice, Tulip Soft Paints blend beautifully so that you can create the coloures and tones you need for your work. And once your paint has fully dried, you will be able to Build on your work without affecting the base layer of paint.

My personal favourite products to apply on top of my paintings are:

Holographic Glitter, - This adds a super cool illusion of depth, without bulking out your piece; use a glitter bond or clear glue for the best results.

Tulip Fabric markers, -Tulip Fabric Markers are a versatile wonder! You can use them to add small details to your art, or even blend them into your work to create shadows (use water and a paint brush)

Beads in a bottle, - There is no easier way to add a stlyish 3D touch to your designs. These bead like additions will give a fabulous texture to any surface.

& Natural obects adhered with Aleene's Turbo Tacky Glue (such as sand and feathers) - When it comes to seascapes there is no better way to bring your beach to life than using real materials. Sand, shells and seaglass add an interesting texture to your projects, while remaining true to life. Use Turbo Tacky Glue for fast application and a long holding finish.

The only limit is your own imgaintaion...and if you're stuck there is always inspiration waiting online!


Inspiration for the nation...

Take a look at these wonderful home installments made by our partners! They are beautiful but most importantly so, so easy...


Tulip 3D Paints - Neon Slick



Tulip Soft Paint & Stencils 


 Moody Blues Tulip One-Step Dye


Tulip Soft Paint , Tulip Colour Shot & Large Stencils 


Tulip Fabric Markers & Tulip Colour Shot 


FolkArt Enamel Paint & Apple Barrel Acrylics


 Lettering & Flower Stencils with Tulip Colour Shot


Tulip Tie-Dye Moddy Blues 


Tulip Slick 3D Paint & Unicron Spit


Aleene's Tacky Glue  


Tulip Slick Brights 3D Paints


FolkArt MultiSurface Paints & Tulip Soft Paint 


...Don't Miss out on our next Blog, where we will be learning how to create some amazing Pilllow Art!

Taking a closer look at how we can all Master the techniques of watercolour fabric pens combined with One-Step Dye !


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