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POM POM Madness!

Pom Poms are IT!

According to the Evening Standard,  "Pom poms are a wonderfully fun addition to attach to rugs, baby mobiles, blankets, cushions and so it goes on. Saves for pom poms on Pinterest are currently up an incredible 444 per cent - what better time to join the trend?"

But did you know just how easy Pom Pom crafting is?


Pom Poms Galore:

From rugs to Cute accessories Pom Poms have been taking the world by storm with what they can become! What used to be a humble sunday afternoon craft, has become an internet sensation. You might love them for their 'Frida Kahlo' esque vibes; adding a flair of Mexican fun into your home decor. Or perhaps you adore the simple balls of cotton fluff, arranged neatly into a cosy living room rug? But the real charm is just how versatile and endless the possibilities are with these little guys... because lets be honest, who doesn't need a creative burst of colour in their life?

Pom Poms 101

Woolen Pom Poms are really easy, and lots of fun to make. You can purchase crafting machines that will create the for you or you can get back to basics using a circle cut of from your finished ceral boxes. Watching Youtube turorials is a great way to learn how to master this simple craft. See below for my favourite tutorial!

 There are so many ways to create these cute bobbles, so why not get making!


 Pom Poms & Tie-Dye The Perfect Pair...

 Tulip Tie-Dye is ideal for giving your makes a personal touch. With the extensive colour range you will certainly find your dream shade. And becasue they are One-Step Dyes, getting the colour you desire couldn't be simpler.  Just add water to your pre made container! Then, presoak pom-pom in water, in a plastic bowl, to ensure the dye will evenly spread. The take your die and either, submerge your pom-pom (a plastic bowl works best). or apply dye in certain desired areas.

Once you are happy with your look, let them set for 6-8 hours.
  Then To avoid any unwnted residual dye, rinse until water runs clear. Let dry, and voila! You have your Pom Pom...ready for crafting.



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