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Why Creativity is good For Mental Health

Creativity reduces anxiety, boosts your mood, and even slows your heart rate ~ Forbes

Mindfulness and meditation, two words that are repeatedly found in the drive for greater mental health awareness.  Allowing ourselves to take refuge and find tranquility; while our minds escape the pressures of everyday life. 

Statistically, a person will have on average 60,000 thoughts a day. Our minds are always on the go! Did I take the bins out? What's for dinner? Where are the keys? I wonder what colour goes best with this? What shall I binge watch on Netflix next? My Minds Whirling. But did you know that according to some experts 85% of adults in the UK say they feel stressed on a regular basis, with over a third feeling stressed  for the equivalent of one full day a week. 

Stress and mental health go hand in hand. Many people find it difficult to cope and overcome the stress of day to day life, this in many cases will lead to more severe damage, and  decrease in positive mental health. Of course, stress is our bodies natural reaction to situation that may endanger us, on a basic level stress is designed to protect us. But how do we know when it's become too much? Well a healthy amount of stress will result in short bursts of the emotion and will not feel like it's taking over our lives. Feeling stressed and exhausted all the time is definitely not good for our health. 

So what to do? Laughter, meditation, exercise and finding a hobby, are all great ways to stay positive and relieve stress. Being creative is a great way to explore being mindful, while also being very therapeutic. You won't be consciously trying to reach a state of peace, but the simple act of crafting is proven to be one of the best ways to de-stress (not to mention how much fun it can be!)


Keep Calm and carry on crafting...

Tote Bags - 

'Mindfulness Colouring' Has been SUPER popular, so why not give it a go? Get yourself some tote bags with pre-drawn patterns and get colouring with fabric markers. Once you are done you will have made your self a wonderful bag!  Why not save on plastic and use it as a shopping bag?

Personalised Glasses -

Create beautiful gifts or add a touch of elegance to your home by decorating glasses with Tulip 3D paint. Flowers, names, choose the possibilities are endless. You won't get your drinks mixed up at dinner parties with these fabulous creations! 

Snazzy Sheets -   


Who said re-vamping your room had to be expensive or time consuming? Try using Tie-Dye to create your very own bespoke bed sheets. One colour? Two? Three? Four? More? It's up to you and so easy to do! Plus, who wouldn't want a chic new designer bedroom? (not to mention the satisfaction of knowing you created it!)


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