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We host an amazing variety of Brands that we are sure you'll love! You can follow the links below to find your favourites.

Live in Color with Tulip!

Tulip® has been making self-expression easy for more than 30 years! We love feeding the DIY spirit with a wide assortment of premium color products, tools and tutorials for fashion, craft and home décor projects. Through our products and services, we hope you discover a passion for bright colors, trendy fun and the excitement of creativity!  

Available Products:

Tie-Dye / Hot Dyes / Re-fills

Soft Paint / 3D Paint 

Colour Shot / Fabric Sprays 

Fabric Markers / Fabric Glitter 


One Stroke

In the late 1980s, Donna Dewberry sat at her kitchen table seeking a creative outlet and a way to relax. She pursued painting with a passion, transforming her hobby into the world's most successful and popular learn-to-paint program, One Stroke™. Donna's goal was to remove intimidation, enabling anyone with a desire to paint to succeed. She broke down classic brush strokes into simple steps that are then recombined in an infinite number of ways to create lush flowers and landscapes. Donna connected with Plaid's artist quality FolkArt paint, enhancing the concept with unique painting tools, superior brushes and splendid books. Donna Dewberry's One Stroke continues to build confidence in artists of all skill levels, provide the thrill of creativity and the ability to create stunning art, all just One Stroke at a time.    

Available Products:

One Stroke Brush sets

One stroke pallets 

One Stroke Brush Caddy 

Folkart Paints 


Sculpey Polymer Clays

Our clays are the most versatile crafting medium! Shape it, bake it and treasure it forever.  Whether it’s mixed media, beadwork, sculpting, or home decor clay allows us to express our imaginations through our hands — and the medium that allows the most possibilities is polymer oven bake clay.

Available Products: 


Sculpey III

Bake Shop 


Sculpey Original 

Super Sculpey 

Sculpey Tools



The original Aleene’s glue, this all-purpose craft glue can do it all! (There’s a reason it’s been around for more than 50 years.) Offered in a variety of sizes and application methods, you’re sure to find a Tacky Glue that works best for you. Looking for the perfect glue for your craft or hobby project? We’ve got you covered! From fast tacking and instant hold to ultra-clear formulas, check out the variety of Aleene’s Crafting Glues

Available Products:

Original Tacky 

True Snow

Tacky Dots 

Tacky Clear 


Unicorn Spit 

Gel Stain and Glaze in One™ is the only product on the market today that does the duty of staining deep into the bare wood grain, glazing over existing finishes, brightening and highlighting chalk paint, and at the same time giving you a three dimensional effect. Comes In 14 Vibrant Colors!

Available products:

Unicorn Spit 



Mod Podge, Apple Barrel, FolkArt, Bucilla, Leather Studio, Fabric Creations & Delta Creative! This is your one-stop shop for all things crafty. From Decoupage to Glitterific designs we have everything you need! Superb selections of acrylic paint and more...

Available Products:

Multi Surface Paints 

Acrylic Paint 

3D Glitter Paints 

Mod Podge 

Plywood cut outs  



E6000 is an industrial strength craft adhesive that is ideal for bonding wood, fabric, leather, ceramic, glass, metal, plastic etc. ... It is safe for photographs, is paintable, has a flexible hold and is water-proof super glue. 

Available Products:

Fray Lock

E6000 Clear