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Tulip 3D Paint Pebble Designs!

What better way to add a burst of personalised fun into your life?

These rocking little designs would be perfect for:

Paper weights

Room features

Garden Accessories

! Or how about joining in the trend and hiding your rock for someone else to find? Adding a message on the back is a popular craze right now !

These Pebbles are super easy to make and will dry overnight, meaning they are a great weekend project or evening entertainment.


More Ideas!

Preparing for a wedding or party? Why not use this project as a way to make your own table place settings?

Re-decorating? These make perfect additions to a rooms inter design, at a low cost with a personal touch!




Feeling Festive?


What you need:

  • Aleene's True Snow
  • Aleene's Glitter Snow
  • Ice lolly sticks
  • Jam jars (wire handle optional)
  • twine
  • buttons
  • orange Pipe cleaners
  • paint brush with tapered handle
  • knit gloves (That can be used to make bobble hats)
  • scissors 
  • battery operated tea light (or standard)
  • Tulip fabric glitters (silver or white)


 Using a craft spatula or Paint brush, cover your jars with the snow paints, Thick textures will give a more realistic look. 

While the paints are still wet press your buttons (for eyes and nose) into the Snow Glue and allow them to set- This can take up to 24 hours depending on temperature conditions.

Use your Orange Pipe cleaner to create a cone shape. This will make your 'carrot' nose.

For an extra festive touch, use glitter to lightly sprinkle over your jar while drying, to create a shiny, icy effect. 

Put on one glove. Then put the other glove on right on top so the first glove is inside the second one. Remove the gloves together. Fold the fingers down and tie a piece of twine around then in a bow. (You may wish to, Fill the  jar with candies and gifts.) Slip the open end of the gloves over the top of the jar to create a hat. 



Chic Shibori Sundress



Whether you’re taking a stroll in the park or hitting the beach with friends, you’ll be dressed to impress in a DIY shibori sundress!

Covered in beautiful shades of blue, this chic shibori dress is so easy to make with the Tulip Shibori Made Simple Tie-Dye Kit.

Follow These simple Steps to create your Own!

  1. Wash dress and leave damp. (This will help the dye to run)
  2. Wring out excess water and lay dress out flat on covered work surface, smoothing out any wrinkles.
  3. Lay shibori tube across top of dress and roll dress onto tube.
  4. Secure dress on tube with string or rubber bands from kit. Scrunch dress randomly towards center of tube and apply more ties as desired. (This will create your pattern)
  5. Mix Blue dye per instructions and apply to scrunched dress, rotating tube and randomly saturating the layers of fabric in different areas to create pattern.
  6. Cover project with surface cover or plastic wrap and allow to set for time suggested in package instructions or overnight. (Freezer bags also work perfectly)
  7. After dye has set for time recommended, unwrap dress and rinse thoroughly under running water to remove excess dye.
  8. Once washed and dried you are ready to go! Show off your bespoke outfit