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Sculpey Bake Shop Variety Pack

Are you an enthusiastic parent, elementary school teacher, babysitter or childcare worker looking for fun crafts and creative outlets to explore with your kids? When it comes to relieving stress, offering downtime and allowing children to discover their imaginations, creating with clay offers so many exciting possibilities!

Have your kids re-create their favorite animals, craft a holiday-themed array of clay decorations, create their own characters or build a town of little clay houses. Bake clay numbers and letters to help young ones practice their counting and spelling abilities. You can even use clay to make thoughtful gifts and trinkets like cute photo frames, keychains, change cups or figurines.

When you're looking for kid-friendly clays that are easy to use, soft for shaping and won't dry out, polymer clay is the perfect versatile material for any clay creation you can dream up — and it's easy to bake in your home oven to finish! Complete with a broad array of polymer clay colours, the Sculpey® Bakeshop clay assortment is a great choice for enjoying and exploring with your kids.

Includes 12 bars of clay: White, Beige, Yellow, Red, Hot Pink, Purple, Blue, Tan, Black, Orange, Green, Brown