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Sculpey Glaze  Satin  1 fl. oz

Sculpey Glaze Satin 1 fl. oz

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Sculpey® Glaze - Satin

Are you a crafter of creative clay projects, fun figurines, masterful mixed-media, tasteful household objects or unique trinkets? When you're experimenting and creating with clay, you want the most workable materials and durable finished products with properties that allow you ease of process, ability to incorporate details, and compatibility with attractive, inspiring finishes like paints and glazes.

Versatile, workable and easy to bake in your home oven, polymer clay is the perfect material for clay creations of all kinds — from homemade jewelry and trinkets to mixed-media projects and home items. After you've baked your masterpieces, you'll need the perfect glaze to give the items the seal and finished appearance you desire. When you're looking for a polymer satin clay glaze to complete your clay crafts, Sculpey® Satin Glaze is the perfect finishing touch.

Benefits of Sculpey® Satin Glaze

As a smooth, durable finishing product that seals pores and imperfections in your baked clay and provides a suitable surface for applying decorative finishes and paints, this Sculpey® Satin Glaze glides over your sculptures, trinkets and accessories, priming them for clay paints and giving them a finished look. Here are the benefits of Sculpey® Satin Glaze:

  • Twist cap for precise flow control – open completely to flood.  Open half way for detail work.
  • Easy to apply and attractive when baked, this glaze adds a durable seal or finish to baked clay items.
  • Compatible with acrylic-water based finishes, Sculpey® Satin Glaze contributes to a completed product that's well-finished, smooth and colorful.
  • 1 fl oz