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Super Sculpey Medium Blend Gray (1lb) THREE PACK

Super Sculpey Medium Blend Gray (1lb) THREE PACK

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X3 -1lb Blocks

Super Sculpey® Medium Blend

Are you a serious sculptor, creative crafter or lover of shaping materials and working with your hands? When you craft with clay, you enter a world of so many shape possibilities, creative opportunities and unique outcomes. Whether you enjoy shaping small figurines with your fingers for fun and display, making sculptures of your favorite fantasy characters, or crafting special pieces of your cosplay costume, you need the highest-quality, firmest and most flexible clay on the market to contribute to your creations. Our Medium Blend Super Sculpey® is just the material to deliver.

Super Sculpey® Medium Blend Description

As a perfect blend of both Super Sculpey® and Super Sculpey® Firm, Super Sculpey® Medium Blend offers both the workable malleability and the strength you need to make complex, detailed structures that last. Firm enough to hold its shape, yet soft enough to comfortably build, shape and blend pieces together, our Super Sculpey® Medium Blend allows you the following benefits:

  • Soft but firm, this clay allows you to easily carve complex details and patterns into your clay creations.
  • For complex creations, this clay allows you to use additive build-up methods focused on building out shapes in small increments for a more detailed, multifaceted final product.
  • Once the clay has been kneaded slightly, it is highly malleable and ready to blend. Shape it easily into the forms you need or combine it with other clays.
  • Because it blends so smoothly, Super Sculpey® Medium Blend cuts down on sanding time.
  • Once baked, the clay is shatterproof and chip-resistant.